Called to the Bar in HK in Sept 1998

Douglas K.H. Kwok


Called to the Bar of Hong Kong 1998


LL.B. (Hons) The University of Hong Kong 1996
P.C.LL. The University of Hong Kong 1998
Certificate in Rapid Mental Interventions 2012

Appointment and services

Consultant to the Legal Advisor of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data 1997-98
Chairman of the Young Barristers’ Committee 2003
Member of the Bar Council 2003
Trainer to the Hong Kong Bar on Online Legal Research 2002-2005
Deputy Special Magistrate 2005
Trainer to the Judiciary on Electronic Legal Research 2006
Deputy Magistrate 2006-2010
Honorary Consultant to the Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention (Mock Trial Justice Education Project) Since 2009
Trainer to officers of the Labour Department on Law of Evidence (1-day Workshop) 2012-2014
Trainer to officers of the Labour Department on Prosecuting Labour Offences (Advanced Courses) 2013-2014
Member of the Election Committee (Legal Sub-Sector) 2016

Practice Profile

Douglas specializes in criminal defence work. His motto is to endeavour to protect his clients from being convicted except by a competent tribunal and upon legal evidence sufficient to support a conviction for the offence with which his client is charged. Doug’s judicial experience, together with his calm character, has well equipped him to defend any difficult and technical cases.

The following areas form a large part of Doug’s practice (in 2019-2022):

Public Order and Criminal Justice Offences
Civil Liberties and Constitutional Law
Computer Crimes and Telecommunications
Explosives and Ammunition
Dangerous Goods
Perverting the course of public justice
Offences under the Prison Rules

Election Offences
Corrupt and Illegal Practices

Commercial Crimes
Money Laundering and Conspiracy to Defraud
Fraud, Credit Card Fraud and False Accounting

Technical Defence Work
Engineers Registration Board – Inquiry Committee
Medical Council – Disciplinary Inquiry
Pharmacy and Poisons Board – Disciplinary Inquiry
Police Disciplinary Hearing by the Appropriate Tribunal

General Criminal Work
Copyright Offences
Customs and Excise Offences
Immigration Offences
Triads Offences
Sexual Offences
Murder and Personal Violence
Driving Offences
Industrial Summonses
Dangerous Drugs
Preliminary Inquiries
Mental Health

Pro-bono Work
Douglas regularly undertakes pro-bono work under the Bar Free Legal Service Scheme by the Hong Kong Bar Association and the Clinical Legal Education Programme by HKU. He is most ready to offer pro-bono trial and appeal advocacy especially for the under-privileged and mental health patients.

Notable Cases

Douglas fights every case with utmost professionalism. He defended many high profile cases involving many celebrities but Doug prefers not to label any single case as notable to avoid comparison. If you would like to observe Doug’s court advocacy, you are welcome to contact his secretary for seeing any of his open court cases.


Author in Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong: Magistrates’ Ordinance (Chapter 227) 2008
Author in Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong: Interception of Communication & Surveillance Ordinance (Chapter 589) 2013
Author in Butterworths Hong Kong Media & Communication Handbook 2014


His main hobbies are in the law of evidence and studying the inner game of things, for example, rapid mental interventions and neuro-linguistic programming.

Commercial Crimes

General Crimes

Judicial Review and Public Law Matters

Civil Liberties

Public Order Offences

Disciplinary Hearings