Called to the Bar in HK in 1994

Hatten S.F. Kong

Professional Qualification

Call to the Hong Kong Bar 1994

Academic Background

P.C.LL. City University of Hong Kong 1993 – 1994
LL.B. City University of Hong Kong 1990 – 1993
Birmingham City University 1988 – 1990

Career History

Private Practice at Lawrence Lok S.C, Q.C.’s Chambers 1994-1998
Vice President of Oriental Press Group (Company Secretary, Publisher of various magazines and websites, Legal Department, I.T. Department, etc.) 1998-2005
Radar Company Limited (Family Business of 58 years history) 2005-2010
Private Practice at M.K. Wong S.C.’s Chambers 2010-present

Practice Profile

Appearing as advocate in different levels of Court in Hong Kong for both civil and criminal matters. At the same time engaged in advisory works regularly.


Fluent in Cantonese and English.

Some knowledge of Putonghua.

Notable Cases

Criminal Law


(White collar crimes involving ICAC and CCB investigations, Restraint Orders, Legal Professional Privilege, Sexual Offenses, Mental Health cases, Immigration cases, Industrial summons)


  • Secretary For Justice v Chan Chi Wan Stephen (R1) and Tsang Pei Kun (R2) [CA355/2011 and CA103/2012]
  • Representing R2 in the TVB related ICAC investigation case at Court of Appeal (Led by Mr. MK Wong SC)


  • Secretary For Justice v Chan Chi Wan Stephen (R1) and Tsang Pei Kun (R2) [DCCC1214/2010]
  • Representing R2 at the resumed trial at District Court (Led by Mr. MK Wong SC)


  • HKSAR v Wong Kin Yee Agnes [CACC9/2009]
  • Appeal on conviction of LC Fraud (Led by Mr. MK Wong SC)


  • In the Matter of YIK Siu-hung (R3) & others [HCMP2598/2013]
  • Representing Ms. Yik in the recent Wong Kwan and Lew Mon-hung High Court Fraud case for variation of the property restraint orders


  • Re: A Listed Company in foreign dairy business
  • Represented client to prevent privileged documents from reviewing by ICAC.


  • HKSAR v Eric Tsang [HCMA133/2011]
  • Successful appeal on conviction of sexual offences (Led by Mr. MK Wong SC)


  • HKSAR v Dr. Suen [KTCC3302/2011]
  • Defended client in a charge of indecent assault involving a TV celebrity (Led by Mr. MK Wong SC)



  • HKSAR v R. Wong [TMCC2422/2010]
  • Defended client (a successful businessman working for a consulate) in a charge of indecent assault took place in public transportations.


  • HKSAR v A. Au-yeung [KTCC875/2015]
  • Defended client in a commercial fraud and deception trial of 10 days.


  • HKSAR v W.M. Ho [DCCC417/2015]
  • Defended client in a serious wounding case with a plead of insanity under Mental Health Ordinance


  • HKSAR v J. CAI [ESCC2417/2016]
  • Defended client (a successful businessman in IT field) in a charge of indecent assault (Led by Mr. MK Wong SC)


  • Defended various principal contractors in a vast number of industrial summonses (SOGO, Unistress, REC Engineering, Nixon Technology, Kwan On Construction, Wing Ming Constructions, Joint Effort Engineering, New Hopes Construction, Yau Lee Construction, etc.)


  • Represented a large local logistic company in a matter involving its foreign employees


  • Represented a famous franchised Taiwanese restaurant with foreign employees working in HK.


  • Represented the chairman of a HK listed PRC company in a matter with the Immigration Department (Led by Mr. Lawrence Lok SC)


  • Advised and represented clients (both corporate and individuals) in commercial crimes cases, whose names cannot be disclosed for sensitivity and confidentiality reasons.



Civil Law


(Broad spectrum of practice including Lands and contract, Adverse Possession, Shareholders’ dispute and insolvency, Defamation, Probate, Intellectual property, Family and Dependants’ Maintenance, Family Trust)



Commercial and Company Law


  • Re: Smart Yield Corp. Ltd. [HCMP 1417/2013]
  • Represented a company director/shareholder in resisting an application for production of company accounts by another director/shareholder. (The Hon Harris J awarded indemnity costs against the other party)


  • Re: New Higgs Boson [HCA 2228/2013]
  • Shareholders’ dispute with enforcement of anti-competition agreement under duress of a company pioneered the real-life escape gaming business in H.K.





  • Re: F.H. Ng (Debtor) [HCB 5967/2014]
  • Represented a major insurance company in a petition for bankruptcy against one of its former agent.


  • Re: W. Chong (Debtor) [HCB 485/2011]
  • Represented a senior insurance agent in opposition to a petition for bankruptcy by his employer (the insurance company eventually withdrew the petition before the substantive hearing).


  • Re: R. Wong (Debtor) & W.K. Wong [HCB 7588/2012]
  • Representing the spouse of a well-known Chinese antique statute and artifacts collector in bankruptcy hearings.



Probate and Administration


  • Re: The late L.Y. Lau [HCMP 3263/2013 & FCMP 71/2014]
  • Represented the executor in a contentious probate action with a claim under the Inheritance (Provision For Family and Dependants) Ordinance. (The Caveat was subsequently withdrawn.)


  • Re: The late Ms. Ki
  • Representing a foreign executor in a contentious action with a claim under the Inheritance (Provision For Family and Dependants) Ordinance.


  • Re: A senior member of a well-known family
  • Advised on the validity and distribution of properties involving a large portfolio of assets of a well-known businessman in HK.


  • Re: A senior family member’s testamentary arrangements
  • Advising on the execution and validity of testamentary instruments of a senior member of a family famous in the gourmet industry.





  • Various Oriental Press Group related defamation cases (1998-2005).


  • Advised and represented clients (public figures, celebrities and well-known organizations) in defamation matters whose identities cannot be disclosed for confidentiality reason.


  • [HCA147/2011]
  • Represented the Defendant in a high publicity defamation case involving members of the family of a well-known real estate developer in HK (Led by Mr. Jason Pow SC)


  • [HCA 820/2013]
  • Representing the Plaintiff (a reputable businessman active in charitable activities) in a defamation claim against a clan’s men association (Led by Mr. Jason Pow SC)


  • Re: online defamatory publications
  • Representing members of a well-known family in a defamation claim against a media publisher (Led by Mr. Jason Pow SC)

Commercial Crimes

General Crimes

Family Law

General Civil and Chancery Practice

Judicial Review and Public Law Matters

Personal Injuries and Employees’ Compensation