Called to the Bar in HK in 2001

Amanda W.M. Li


Barrister-at-Law Hong Kong 2001
Legal Practitioner Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia 2000
Barrister-at-Law and Solicitor High Court of New Zealand 1999


P.C.LL. The University of Hong Kong 2001
Law Professional Course The Institute of Professional Legal Studies of New Zealand 1999
LL.B. (Hons) The University of Auckland, New Zealand 1999

Appointment and services

Trainer for the officers of the Labour Department on Investigation, Prosecution, Court Procedures and on matters of Minor Employment Claims Adjudication Board 2014,2019, 2021-2023
Part-time Lecturer for “Criminal Procedure” at The University of Hong Kong for Bachelor of Laws degree Fall 2016
Deputy Special Magistrate 2009

Practice Profile

Amanda Li practices in criminal and civil law.

Amanda practices in all areas of criminal law, specializing in complexed commercial crimes and money laundering. Amanda regularly appears as junior counsel defending established individuals in all levels of court including the Court of Final Appeal. Amanda is briefed by the Department of Justice to prosecute in selected cases in the District Court. Amanda sat as a Deputy Special Magistrate in 2009.

In her civil commercial practice, Amanda appears in the High Court as advocate in her own right and as junior counsel in cases involving fraud, shareholders and contractual disputes.


Amanda conducts cases in both Cantonese and English and speaks conversational Putonghua.

Selected Cases

Criminal cases

  1. Yan Sui Ling (嚴穗陵) v. HKSAR [2012] 15 HKCFAR 146

Chinese investor Madam Yan Sui Ling was convicted of a charge of money laundering in the District Court. Amanda, led by her Head of Chambers, Mr. Wong Man Kit S.C. conducted the appeal in the Court of Appeal against the conviction. The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal. Amanda, led by Mr. Wong S.C., further conducted the appeal in the Court of Final Appeal, and leave to appeal was granted on the limb of substantial and grave injustice. The Court of Final Appeal accepted their submissions and quashed Madam Yan’s conviction. The case involved the significant issue of the underground banking system in mainland China on money laundering offences in Hong Kong.


  1. HKSAR v. Shum Kin Wing (沈建榮) and Another (CACC No. 437/2013; DCCC No. 175/2013)

The Defendants were charged with money laundering offences based on their five years’ bank account transactions and their tax returns. Amanda, led by Mr. Wong S.C., defended the Defendants and they were convicted of a number of charges after trial. Amanda, led by Mr. Wong S.C. conducted the appeal in the Court of Appeal and the convictions were quashed, and no retrial was ordered. The issues involved points of law arising from the Court of Final Appeal’s decision in Pang Hung Fai and whether the trial judge erred in his findings of facts and his application of the test as expounded in Pang Hung Fai.


  1. HKSAR v. Koon Wing Yee (官永義), Sham Man Keung (沈文強) and others (HCCC No. 66/2010)

Businessman Mr. Koon Wing Yee and his co-defendants were charged with blackmailing Hui Chi Ming over a money dispute involving the shares of a locally listed company as well as possession of firearms. Amanda, led by Mr. Wong S.C., defended one of the co-defendants Mr. Sham Man Keung before a jury at the Court of First Instance. The defendants were acquitted of all charges after trial.


  1. HKSAR v. Wong Cho-shing, Lau Cheuk-nga, Pak Wing-bun and 4 Others (CACC No.38/2017)

Amanda, led by Mr. Wong S.C., is representing Detective Sergeant Pak Wing-bun who was one of the 7 police officers convicted in the District Court for assaulting protestor Tsang Kin Chiu in the Central Occupy Movement in 2014 in an appeal against both conviction and sentence in the Court of Appeal.


  1. HKSAR v. Yeung Ka Sing Carson (楊家誠) (CACC No. 101/2014)

Businessman and former president of English football club Birmingham City FC Mr. Carson Yeung was convicted of money laundering offences in the District Court. Amanda, led by Mr. Wong S.C. prepared the perfected grounds of appeal for Mr. Yeung in the appeal to the Court of Appeal before the release of the Court of Final Appeal’s decision in Pang Hung Fai and conducted the first bail pending appeal application for Mr. Yeung.


  1. HKSAR v. Wong Kwan (黃坤), Lew Mun-hung (劉夢熊), Yik Siu Hung (翼小紅) and Another (HCCC No. 561/2013)

Amanda, led by Mr. Wong S.C., defended businesswoman Madam Yik Siu Hung in the complicated and lengthy jury trial at the Court of First Instance who was charged with conspiracy to defraud and money laundering, arising from the purchase of an overseas oilfield by a locally listed company Pearl Oriental Oil Limited. Madam Yik was convicted after trial


  1. HKSAR v Wong Chun Yin (CACC 50/2018)

The Appellant was convicted of trafficking in 18.45kg of ketamine after trial and was sentenced to 22 years of imprisonment. Amanda conducted the appeal and was granted leave on two grounds. The Court of Appeal accepted her submissions and quashed Mr. Wong’s conviction.


  1. HKSAR v Shek Hiu Fung & 2 Others (DCCC892/2019; CACC281/2021)

Amanda successfully defended Madam Shek who was charged with conspiracy to defraud the Chinese University and was acquitted after trial with costs. The DOJ case stated the case to the Court of Appeal and appeal against the costs order and Amanda will be having conduct of the matter at the Court of Appeal level.


  1. HKSAR v. Wong Ying Ho Kennedy (黃英豪), Chui Chuen Shun (徐傳順) and another (HCCC No. 409/2015)

Amanda, led by Mr. Wong S.C., acted for Dr. Kennedy Wong Ying Ho (former chairman of a listed company and member of the Political Consultative Conference of the PRC) who is charged with bribery offences. The jury trial at the Court of First Instance originally scheduled to commence in February 2017, but upon the application by the Department of Justice, the Court ordered that the matter be transferred to the District Court for trial. Amanda is not involved in the District Court trial.


  1. Application for a summons of private prosecution against Madam Chan Sock Fun (陳淑芬) (ESMP 9236/2016)

Amanda, led by Mr. Wong S.C., represented Madam Chan Sock Fun, former organizer of Jacky Cheung’s concerts, in resisting an application for a summons of private prosecution against her for conspiracy to defraud in respect of the matters arising out of Jacky Cheung’s ½ century world tour concerts. The application was dismissed by the Magistrate for lack of merits.


  1. HKSAR v. Ip Man Man (葉民文) (DCCC No.801/2002)

Amanda, led by Mr. Wong S.C., defended Mr. Ip Man Man, former chairman of a locally listed company in a District Court trial, who was charged with embezzlement of funds belonging to the listed company of which he was the chairman and the majority shareholder. The Defendant was acquitted after trial.


  1. Secretary for Justice v. Cheung Chung Chit (CACV No.206/2003 on appeal from HCAL No. 172/2002; [2003] 3 HKLRD 447); HKSAR v. Cheung Chung Chit (DCCC No.521/2002)

Amanda, led by a Senior Counsel, successfully applied for a permanent stay of criminal proceedings for businessman Mr. Cheung Chung Chit in a District Court trial who was charged with having in possession of counterfeit banknotes. Amanda, led by two Senior Counsel, also appeared in the High Court in an application for judicial review made by the Secretary for Justice against the decision of the trial judge in granting a permanent stay and also in an appeal against the High Court decision. The Court of Appeal reaffirmed the High Court decision in, inter alia, quashing the decision granting a permanent stay on grounds that the application was made on a premature basis.


Civil cases:

Xu Shengheng and Ever Sincere Investment Ltd v. Cheung Kwan and Cheung Kwan and Financial International Holdings Ltd v. Xu Shengheng & Others (HCA No. 291 of 2009; CACV No. 133 of 2012)


New World Development Co Ltd v. Sun Hung Kai Securities Ltd (2006) 9 HKCFAR 403


The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd v. New World Development Co. Ltd & Others (2006) 9 HKCFAR 234


Modern Office Technology Limited v. New World TMT Limited (CACV No. 292 & 293/2006

Commercial Crimes

General Crimes

General Civil and Chancery Practice