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About us?

Our Chambers in Central

Wong Man Kit SC’s Chambers was founded in 2010 under the leadership of MK. Initially we had 11 members. Our number has increased to 21 by April 2023.

While MK and many of our members major in criminal cases, a number of us have a good balance between civil and criminal works. Our chambers provide services in a great variety of cases (please see the List of services provided by our chambers).

Our chambers is a medium sized set of chambers consisting of members of different levels of seniority from Senior Counsel to those fresh from call to the Bar. All of us are bilingual practitioners. We work under a cozy culture. We talk and share our working experiences, both happy and difficult ones, and help each other whenever the need arises.

Many of our members have sat on the Bench before. MK has sat as a Deputy Judge in the High Court and the District Court. Anthony had been a Permanent Magistrate (who sat as a Deputy District Court Judge on a number of occasions) before he joined us. Douglas, Jon, Amanda Lee, Dick, Ronny, Olivia, Leona and Marco have been a Deputy Magistrate before. Amanda Li has sat as a Deputy Special Magistrate before.

Our Core Value

The core value of our chambers is to deliver our services with professionalism, that is trying our very best in every case for the interest of our clients with passion and integrity, while always remembering our duties and responsibilities to our clients and to the court.