Called to the Bar in HK in 2006

Ronny Y.W. Leung

Called to the Bar

HK (2006)

Post-Secondary Education

Bachelor of Social Science (Government and Laws)(Hons)(HKU) (2001-2003)
Bachelor of Laws (Hons)(HKU) (2003-2004)
Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL)(HKU) (2004-2005)


Comprehend, write & communicate in both Chinese/Cantonese and English.

Appointment and services


Cheng Huan Q.C., S.C.’s Chambers (2006- 2010)
Wong Man Kit S.C.’s Chambers (2010 – till present)

Judicial Appointment

Deputy Magistrate (2014)

Prosecution (Counsel on fiat)

Listed in the Magistrates Court ‘B’ List (2006-2011)
Listed in the Magistrates Court ‘A’ List (Special Fiat) (2011- till present)

Experience in Criminal Cases

  • Specialised in criminal cases in trial and appeal at all level of courts;
  • Extensive experience in defending many kinds of criminal cases including possession & trafficking drugs related cases, sexual offence cases, theft offence cases, assault & wounding offence cases, criminal intimidation cases, dishonesty offence cases, Immigration Department cases, Customs & Excise Department cases, EMSD cases, Labour Department cases, riot cases, kidnapping cases, murder cases, triad related cases, arson cases, general & serious traffic cases and so on;
  • Extensive experience in white collar crimes: ICAC, CCB, & SFC investigated crimes, corruption rated cases, LC frauds cases, conspiracy to defraud cases, money laundering cases, using false document cases, misconduct in public office cases and so on;
  • Extensive experience in prosecuting various kinds of criminal cases.